Original German WWII Bronze Close Combat Badge By Friedrich Linden
Original German WWII Bronze Close Combat Badge

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Original German WWII Bronze Close Combat Badge By Friedrich Linden-The Close Combat Clasp (Nahkampfspange), established on November 25, 1942, served as a testament to the valor of German soldiers engaged in close-quarters combat during World War II. This prestigious award was reserved for units whose soldiers demonstrated exceptional bravery in surviving hand-to-hand combat and other intense close-range engagements with the enemy.

To qualify for this esteemed accolade, soldiers meticulously documented the dates and locations of each close combat encounter. Those who endured numerous such battles earned eligibility for the clasp, a symbol of their courage and skill on the front lines. Highly revered by German soldiers as a mark of utmost distinction, the Close Combat Clasp signified the grit and determination exhibited by those who faced the crucible of close combat during wartime.

Presenting a superb and entirely original bronze Close Combat Clasp, this piece boasts remarkable preservation with a plethora of intact original finish. Crafted from zinc, it showcases the enduring allure of its original bronze coating, which adorns the majority of its surfaces on both the front and back. While minor corrosion is evident, it offers the possibility of gentle cleaning or can be left undisturbed, adding to its authentic character. Remarkably, this clasp shows no signs of wear, attesting to its careful preservation.

The reverse of this bronze Close Combat Clasp bears the distinguished mark "FLL," denoting its manufacture by Friedrich Linden in Lüdenscheid. Its hardware configuration remains completely intact and fully functional, free from any repairs. The crimped hinge and catch are securely in place, while the wide pin ensures stability. Notably, the magnetic backplate is firmly affixed, retaining its original crimps—a rare feature as FLL Close Combat Clasps often suffer from missing or repaired backplates. This specimen stands as a prime example of a bronze Close Combat Clasp, showcasing exceptional condition and completeness, making it an invaluable addition to any collection.

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