Original German WWII Fur Flapped Tornister Backpacks- These are the type with fur on the flap and most have about 85% to 100% and some do not have and fur on the flap, but have an olive drab fabric. These were issued and manufactured from 1934 to the end of the war. Most do not come with shoulder straps, but come with just D-Hooks to attach to the Y-Straps. They have a pocket underneath the fur flap and some have canvas pouch for a mess kit and most of the body is made out of olive drab canvas. Most of the leather is in good to excellent condition. They are dated from 1935 to 1943 or have RB Numbers. Good to excellent condition. $45.00 to $165.00
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Original German WWII Tornister Back Shoulder Strap Hardware (Set Of 2)

Original German WWII Tornister Hardware Reproduction/Original German WWII Tornister Replacement D-Hook Set Reproduction German WWII Tornister Shoulder Straps With Original Hardware