Original German WWII Folding Shovels (Klappspaten)- Original folding shovels that have the green paint removed that was applied after the war from the Norwegian Army. All of the shovels have been professionally done. Most still come with some of the original bluing on blades, but some have most of it gone. Some blades might slight surface rust or very small amount of pitting that can be cleaned off easily. There might be 1 or 2 rivets missing hold the blade, but the rest are still completely attached and can be used for digging. All of the blades are marked with different maker logos or 3 letter codes. Some are dated and have Waffenampts. Most of the bakelite lugs, to adjust the blade in different positions, are in very good to excellent condition. The wooden handles are in good to very condition and have the normal nicks and most have the “ball” at the bottom. $85.00 - $150.00

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Reproduction German WWII 1st Model Leather Folding Shovel Carrier Presstoff Second Model Folding Shovel Carrier Black Presstoff Second Model Folding Shovel Carrier Tan
Original German WWII Folding Shovel (Klappspaten) With Original Presstoff 2nd Model Carrier