The bread bag was designed to carry rations, eating utensils and other assorted personal items. It was originally issued with a removable carrying strap (usually stored inside the breadbag) although regulations dictated that the bread bag was to be worn suspended from the combat equipment belt. This resulted in the bread bag carrying strap seldom being used for its original purpose though it was utilized for a wide variety of improvised functions. The M31 bread bag must be considered one of the most important of all personal equipment items.
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Reproduction M31 Web Bread Bag Strap (Brotbeutelriemen) Original German WWII Luftwaffe Breadbag Strap Reproduction German WWII Early War M31 Breadbag (Brotbeutel 31)
Reproduction M31 Web/Tropical Breadbag (Brotbeutel 31) Reproduction M31 Web/Tropical Breadbag (Brotbeutel 31) With Strap