Original German WWI & WWII Refurbished Helmets- We are offering refurbished original helmet shells
with new correct reproduction liners and high quality chinstraps, which are made in Europe. The split pins are reproduction or original. We do offer dry transfer decals at an extra cost and will put them on for free. Our exact match paint colors is applied to the correct helmet models. The paint colors are copied from original helmets and we have added a textured finish to M40 & M42 helmets. The texture finish is not perfect and neither was it on original helmets. Some areas of the helmet might have some slightly heavier or lesser texture. These are probably one of the best refurbished helmets on market. The helmets look like factory un-issued helmets, but since the helmets have been through a war there will be some slight dents or pitting, but no rust or fractures.

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